Saturday, February 05, 2011

Movie Night - February 5th, 2011

Three different movies from three different countries, not exactly what was planed on, but glad we ended on what we did, as i now have another favorite movie and soundtrack.

Terror of Mechagodzilla
   These are so hard to chose what name to put in, as they seem to vary so much by country. Had it's moments, but wow did it drag in long, long spots.

    Low budget indie movie that didn't look it, but the script sure gave it away. Surprising visuals for the amount spent, but i just couldn't get past my hate of the main male protagonist, he just grated on me so much. Seems like he is going to be doing the next Godzilla, which i see as a good thing, as long as he doesn't write it. (no offense)

I Hate Luv Storys
   Ignore the low rating on imdb, this movie is awesome. It's a romantic comedy that knows the tropes of romantic comedies and Bollywood movies, and does a great job using them to it's benefit. Doesn't so much mock them, as have a main character who knows them and hates them, and then it goes from there. It's long, although not as long as some bollywood movies, and doesn't drag at all in my view. Have i mentioned the cinematography? It's beautiful, every shot. Puts most Hollywood movies to shame (like i have to say that). The sound track is amazing too, i've just purchased it and am listening to it right now. 

Can't find an english subtitled trailer, but it's on netflix instant subbed, so worth watching.

My favorite song, but this has spoilers, so yeah:

Title song, less spoilers, and shows the amazing cinematography

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