Sunday, May 08, 2011

Movie Night - May 7th, 2011

Movie night for May 7th, and a rare one with all the usuals, and a horrible, horrible, horrible, movie.

Doctor Who, The Curse of the Black Spot
   I keep wanting to type "Curse of the Black Pearl" due to Pirates of the Caribbean, which this episode did have the feeling of. Kind of felt like an odd filler, but i guess Amy Pond in pirate gear can make anything better. Was it a shout out to her strippergram... i mean "kissagram" past? ;)
   Unrelated to this episode, i can't stop thinking of the Silence aliens as the Psycho Pirate, but then i felt a lot of big crisis of last season was a lot like Infinite Crisis with the cracks being similar to Superboy's retcon punch (also called punching time).

Psychoville, Episode 1 of series 2
   I love this show so much, it's just so out there. Clown funeral, "Silent singer", and much, much more that i am always at a loss for words about how strange it was. Strange but very, very awesome.

The Children
   Made of awesome. While i generally consider most kids evil anyway, not a surprise seeing them being so (not really a spoiler, it's in the name, heh), and yet they still freaked me out big time. Very well done, didn't feel the need to explain much, just ran with it, and pulled no punches.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror
   So, so, so bad. Only made watchable by having friends to watch and mock it with. Bad production values, bad acting, bad sound, bad everything. What more can i say? "I hear a mountain lion!" I better get onto the next movie.

This is better than a trailer, really.

   The description really doesn't do this movie justice, it was much, much better than you'd think. Slow paced, but never really slow, always engaging and the actors always kept you interested in where things would go.

(curious why Delerium is in the trailer but don't remember it being in the movie, not a big deal, just confusing, although Sarah McLachlan is.)

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