Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wow, i have internet

Lately, like for the past month but getting progressively worse, my internet has been beyond spotty. Not being connected for stretches at a time, dial up speeds, etc. The past two weeks have culminated in being online for an hour or two a day. The rest, i would have to unplug the modem, and pray it connected once back on. Service guy game today, and turns out i needed a new modem. Not sure how old it was, but several years at least, with him saying it's been years since he's seen that type. I guess that's a problem with these always on things, you take them for granted, don't think about them most of the time, unless they go out. One year though it went out totally, and when the tech came out it turned out down the line something had gotten struck by lightning, and i was the first to contact them. Always worry that's happened again. I know, it's a "first world problem", but it was annoying.

So while this started as an update about my internet troubles, i'm going to share something i've been trying to focus on to keep myself from getting too depressed again. While i love halloween, so many things have gone wrong near it, that it kind of taints my favorite holiday. So here we go, one of, if not the happiest memory i have. (and surprise, surprise, it involves bunnies)

Years ago, 2001 or 2002, i forget the exact date, the girl i was dating had a bunny. He was awesome, but getting kind of lonely being the only bunny in the house. We were worried he was getting sick or very old, as he was lethargic and not doing a whole lot. Then one day, we were at the pet store close to my house, and as i was looking around, i saw a bunny who looked almost exactly like him. I kind of freaked out there, and saw he was priced at $10. Not a good sign, i was told most likely he would be ending up as snake food, or some other similar fate. He had been dropped off there, and had nails very long that got tangled up in the cage, shedding something fierce. He was in the cage with a chinchilla, who was not enjoying him grooming his ears, cute but that chinchilla wasn't amused. After tossing it around about if we should get him (no debate really, more having to go to an ATM to get cash), we went back and got him. He freaked. His fur just flew off him, and on the way home he peed on my ex who was holding him. This isn't the "good" part i was talking about. That happened once we got his house set up. He was sitting in there, with good food and treat stick, the kind that is seeds or something bound together, made specially for bunnies. Alex (the bunny we had at the time) sees him (got named Dru later), and runs at top speed next to him. So here is the good memory. Alex running around the cage grunting loudly, flopping over, back and forth like crazy, and Dru looks so happy, and picks up the treat stick with his mouth and tries to give it to Alex through the cage. Absolute happiness was there that day, them seeing each other and hitting it off right off the bat, and me watching, just soaking it in. They never fought, and just bonded that moment.

One interesting thing, as quickly as he warmed up to Alex, it took us booth time to relax around each other. I think part of it was he was worried he was going to be taken away from Alex, as whenever i would go to pick him up to play with him or go home, he would nip pretty badly at me. After a while though, he really relaxed, and i could hold him no problem even. Funny moment one time when i was holding Dru on my lap, and my ex was holding Alex, and Dru jumped off my lap and right next to Alex. Those two were inseparable.

So, when my depression gets the better of me, i try to remember that moment, and while i doubt i'll ever find that sort of instant bond for myself, it makes me smile remembering it. So now i will share some pictures of those two, and someday maybe i'll tell stories of the other bunnies, like Miso and Maggie, and the whole menagerie i have here.

 Dru (bottom) and Alex (top) playing on the old sun room of my old house.

 Dru (bottom) and Alex (top) laying on the carpet of my current house, very, very relaxed. 

 Dru (bottom) and Alex (top) grooming each other. 

 Alex (left) and Dru (right) being adorable on the cat thing on the porch of my old house. They loved that thing. 

Dru (left) and Alex (right) in their separate houses one day. They probably could have lived together now that i think about it, but i believe we were worried that they might fight while we slept. 

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