Monday, November 07, 2011

Crypticon Minneapolis 2011

I went to Crypticon Minneapolis on Saturday, partly because i was curious, but more so that i knew a friend would be there too. Sometimes it's fun to go to these alone, but other times it's nice to have the motivation and someone to talk about what you saw with. Got to meet his new girlfriend and her freaky contacts. ;) Crypticon is basically a smaller horror convention, held in a hotel in Bloomington. (i think that's where it is, those suburbs always mess me up.)

So here are some highlights, sorry about the noise and blurriness of the images, it was pretty dark, and i forgot my flash, so i had to crank the iso to get even that shutter speed. Still learning, as always.

Crypticon 2011 2
Here is the car i parked next to, i just found it funny they were all zombies. 

Crypticon 2011 8
Doug Bradley, aka Pinhead at the Q&A session. I'm not one for fawning over famous people or wanting autographs, but something about him got me all shy when i went up to him. He's such a nice guy too. 

Crypticon 2011 18
Jimmy as the hunchback. There was a demonstration where they put the makeup on him (the beard is real), but we were watching a movie (a sloooooow movie) when it happened. 

Crypticon 2011 21
Half of the dealer room, there was another dealer room across the hall.

Crypticon 2011 22
The other half.

Crypticon 2011 27
Main area from above.

Crypticon 2011 58
I always find it funny when i catch a flash going off. ;) This guy was one of my favorites, parts glowed, and it was very detailed. 

Crypticon 2011 71
A very good Ash from Army of Darkness. 

Crypticon 2011 98
Very cool Predator costume, the outer mask came off and there was another underneath. 

Crypticon 2011 102

Crypticon 2011 110
Speaking of Pinhead.

Crypticon 2011 127
She totally freaked me out, stayed in character before the contest while walking around the dealers room, until i found out i knew her. lol. Funny how that works. (dolls masks will always kind of freak me out, long story.)

Crypticon 2011 142
This one makes me laugh, them looking at each other. ;)

Crypticon 2011 147
The three finalists from the groups, but not the children one.

Crypticon 2011 148
Frankie was awesome too, in character a lot. 

So there you go, there were three days, but most of what i really wanted to see and do were on saturday. Being within driving distance helped, if i was farther i would stay there, but less than an hour away it's not so bad. Almost all interstate driving too, and surprised that there wasn't much construction.
One funny thing i forget to mention, while we went to TGI Fridays for some food, i was told by one of the greeters that my hair could be like Einstein, which amused me. It is getting a bit long and out of control, and it was so windy that it was a bit all over the place. 

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