Friday, November 28, 2008

Cleaning and thinking too much

Currently cleaning the computer room, have been a lot actually, but it's pretty messy with cords everywhere. Been doing that while importing cds back into iTunes after a hard drive crash, instead of just sitting and waiting. Sadly it hasn't kept my mind from going bad places. Kind of obvious where, but oh well. Thanksgiving wasn't anything special here, besides spoiling bunnies with spring mix with herbs. Talked to my mom and dad, which was nice, but sad he's got tooth trouble too. Something about a cavity under a cap, yikes. I had a subway sandwich i got yesterday and some moon pies. Some day i will have to go into my big oops purchase of moon pies online where i didn't notice the quantities button. Good thing i have been craving them like my life depended on it. I should warn you now, if its not too late, this is going to be a rambling post. I had a lot i was going to ramble on, but i kind of forgot it mostly, not sure why or where it went. Kind of also wondering what i'm going to be doing for Christmas, looks like the family isn't doing a big gathering this year and thats something that is going to be falling back too with each of my other siblings and their kids starting their own traditions. It's kind of been like that for a few years now, with me traveling to my brothers house as it's only about six hours away, although now that my sister is closer, she's close to the same. Kind of sucks big time not having anyone special to do these things with. Something that also sucks is when family is around and you've been single for so long, you always get asked by everyone when you are going to find a girl and settle down, or if you are seeing anyone, all that crap. Not fun. Not good times. No offense to my friends who do have that, but it's also kind of third wheel feeling when you are the only single one at big occasions too. Hard to explain though. Maybe it's just me. I did warn you this post was rambling. 

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