Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was watching Gremlins 2 the other day, and imagining it as a true horror film, not a horror comedy. Gizmo is pretty freaky as is, if you really think about it and notice the details. He has very human fingers, and creepy features. Most other creatures on the planet get pleasure from reproducing, but not gizmo (it should be noted that it seems like the bad gremlins enjoy "budding", but gizmo seems to be in pain). There is a very creepy patricide thing going on when the other gremlins start to basically torture Gizmo, their parent. All around the bad gremlins seem to enjoy torture and other pretty bad behavior. Then there is the scene where the gremlins assimilate the DNA in the lab, opening up a whole Aliens type thing. Most of the lines in the movie could have just been acted differently and been pretty freaky, trust me, watch it with that in mind and it will be funny. 
Yes, i do have a too much free time on my hands. 

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