Thursday, November 27, 2008

Couldn't sleep

I couldn't sleep so i ended up watching a couple movies. I made the mistake of the first movie being 1408, not that it was a bad movie, but not one to try to sleep after watching. After that i watched Bigger, Stronger, Faster, which wasn't really what i thought would be like. Sort of more sympathetic with steroids, although not a bad documentary though. Not sure why i can't really sleep, probably just too much on my mind, so i thought i would try and get some of them out here. Worried about a friend of mine too, she doesn't sound like she is doing too hot, down with family for Thanksgiving. Ironically (probably using it wrong) down near where my sister now lives. I'm kind of regretting not going to my sisters for Thanksgiving, so i could be there for her, but with a seven or so hour drive one way it's just not a quick trip. I worry about my friends when they have troubles, and i know she has family issues, so i'm worried about her. Hopefully i haven't said anything that would upset her more.
Speaking of Thanksgiving, here is something i wouldn't mind seeing on my table. (nsfw) His other photographs are pretty awesome too, and envy his talent (and ability to photograph beautiful women, duh). I do miss having those Thanksgivings years ago where all those who didn't want or couldn't go to family, coming over for videogames, music, good fun food, and just hanging out. Sort of like a Freak Family Thanksgiving. ;) My plans for the day? Probably resting during most of it, watching movies, videogames, and what i do most of the time really. 
Totally unrelated, i got a new bunny carrier today, and left it open on the floor by the food bin. Kitty keeps going into it and sitting in there a lot. Pretty funny. It's a normal pet carrier type, where a gate opens on the front and the top can be lifted off too. The other ones i have are nice, but the bunnies keep chewing the fabric apart. Kitty has been adorable all day really, very affectionate, grooming Zack a ton, begging for snacks, and just being Kitty bunny. These bunns rock. Seriously. ;)

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