Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Must have been grumpy

Sorry if i offended anyone with the last post, i've just been in a grumpy mood, and i can't blame it on the weather since i'm so damn nordic blooded. I'm not exactly a huge fan of the cold, but my mother always told me she was always surprised how i didn't seem to mind the cold the way others did. Not sure where that comes from other than what my genetics supposed to be. (lots of unsureness there from what i'm told, good times, ugh) Anyway, i am more a spring person, nothing like the smell of green coming up, snow melting, life coming back, the whole sensations of smell and taste and sound. I could live in spring forever, if not for the allergies. That is murder. Allergies suck, and seem pretty damn pointless. Yep.

Got a gift from my parents today, a gift from Harry and David, nice fruit and other treats. Kind of nice getting yummy things, and i have to give kudos to the mailman, they left it at the post office instead of letting it freeze in the truck. Sadly that meant driving in the snow, where people felt the need to tailgate me non-stop. Thankfully no one hit me, but there were slick spots. Do people still not know how to drive in winter? I guess not.

Cleaned the library area a bit, still have over half my books to put into the database, and sort. Piles of books everywhere. That's more than enough work, but at least the area is more clean. Speaking of stuff like that, i have been having these dreams where i have moved into another house, one was back into the old house in laCrosse, for some reason. Another was this awesome 80s style crossed with art deco type house, about three times the size of this one and oddly where someone killed themselves and the parents of the person kept visiting. There was also this awesome pond type thing out back. How come houses in dreams are just so much cooler than ones in real life? (Stupid question, it's a dream, duh) Maybe if i ever take over the world, i'll build one of these.

Not a whole lot thrilling going on really, same old same old. Yippie.

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