Monday, December 15, 2008

Yep, it's cold

If i hear one more person call global warming a fraud just because it's cold out, i'm going to go postal. I'm thinking they just don't know how global warming works, but then i just get sick of the stupidity and want to snap. They also go on a rant about Al Gore, for some stupid reason. If it's too cold for you here, you are a wimp and should move somewhere it doesn't get so cold. (for the record, it's -8F, -22C with a wind chill of -25F, -32C right now, supposed to be even colder later) Yes, it's cold, complaining about it and such is just as stupid as people who feel compelled to say "Cold enough for you?" and laughing like you've never heard it before. For the record, global (say it with me, global) warming results in changing weather patterns with more extremes and more violent weather, not having a warm winter. (i say this as someone who was going to school for meteorology and climatology. I just got bored with it if you were wondering) Grr... Just to put it in perspective, my parents who live in Florida and friends who live in Texas complain just as much that it's getting near 40F down there, and they all lived up here when it got colder. So you get used to whatever where you live. 

On to something a little less annoying for me, i've been drinking a bit. Not just today, but pretty much every night or every other night. This is big for me. I've usually drank once a year or twice if i was feeling frisky. For the record, they don't recommend drinking alcohol while on cymbalta, for various reasons you can read about there. I'm not sure what is making me want to really, other than i'm able to sleep decently, have decent dreams, be in less pain, and forget my troubles. When i say drinking, i'm really only talking about two white russians a night, and that gets me loopy. Before you say "lightweight", take a look at what alcohol does while on cymbalta. Good times. Tonight i tried a brandy alexander, and i know i'm not much a drinker as the whole alcohol taste just makes me cringe, so i end up going more of the cream into it (two to three times, same with the white russians, i'm a fruity drink drinker). Not the most thrilling story, but just something that i've been thinking about. 

Still up in the air about photography, feeling unskilled and untalented. Comes and goes, hopefully will go soon so i can get up a little more. Need something to get me going, not just photography, but in general. Most days i've been getting up, taking meds, sitting in front of computer for a little while checking the same sites, and then staring at the tv for a little while getting down and then hanging out with the bunnies trying to cheer up. Yep, that's my day. Thrilling. Some variations of course, but after a lot of let downs and rejections, it's getting hard even with the cymbalta to make the effort for fear of more of that. Not helping that X-Mass is coming up and everywhere you look it's "be happy!". :P

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