Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Snowing hard out

It's snowing really hard out there, i can't tell how deep it is, but it looks pretty thick. I love how snow looks, really i do, but roads get bad and people drive stupidly, and then there is the fact of removing it all from drives and walks. I forgot to re-up the snow removal contract i had previously, so hopefully i will be able to get them to come do it. They come out if the snow fall is over a certain amount, which helps as the plow loves to put a huge pile of hard snow right at the end of my drive. Being on a cul-de-sac doesn't help that, right here is where the snow goes, either right on top of the fire hydrant (good one) or against the light pole that blocks more of my driveway. Could be worse, but i see why older people from here move down south, you get tired of dealing with snow, roads, cars not starting, all that fun. Speaking of which, i went to the bank today, and my window was froze shut, wouldn't go down for a while. (not going to make a pun there, lol. oh wait, did i just?) I don't mind the cold as much as some people seem to, growing up in cold and having to walk everywhere (up hill, both ways) must have gotten me used to it. Oh well, still have issues with it. 

On another note, this cd importing is taking ages. I've done nine boxes of cds, each box holds roughly thirty cds or so, and i have eight or so boxes to do, not counting box sets and odd shaped ones. It's interesting to see what i forgot i used to love and even some i forgot i had. Which reminds me, i really want a Drobo or two, one for photos and one for mp3s. Pretty neat storage system, hot swapping drives with four bays, any size drives too. Hard drive crashes suck. The gigabit ethernet addon looks sweet too, being able to share across all computers easily seems sweet. 

Feel like i'm in a funk but can't put a finger on it. Not sure why or where it came from, but it's annoying. My sleep schedule is all over the map, i keep falling asleep at odd hours and sleeping through things i don't want to. I also keep waking up at midnight and not being able to sleep until the sun comes up, which sucks as my shades in the bedroom don't block a whole lot of light, and it shines right in. If i try to normal it out, it just skews more annoying hours. What is up with that? Hope i'm not getting sick or something. 

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