Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Haven't updated in ages

Jikes, just looked at the last updated date and it's been ages (over a month only really) since i have written anything. Mostly just because i've been having a long, long run of bad luck, and it's times like that i really don't feel like writing about crappy things and thoughts and feelings. Still kind of riding the wave of bad luck, without a clear way out of it, but oh well. 

What's been up? I've gotten off Cymbalta, it wasn't really helping and i was on it mostly to prevent the withdrawal symptoms, which were hellish and long lived. I seriously wonder how much testing went into it, and why they think the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, at least for me. 

I had a computer in the kitchen, and it was giving me troubles beyond annoyance. Every so often at random, it would "enter power save mode". I ran memtest, fine. Thought it was a loose cord, nope, that only fixed it for a day or so. Now it's back  in the computer room with it's friends, and hasn't done it since. Ah well, technology is weird. 

Bunns are awesome. Was worried about Emily who was seeming sick, but more likely than not she has allergies, she tested fine and is back to "normal", as normal as she can be that is. Heh. Those fuzzy poopers are the best antidepressant i have, really.

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