Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drobo, Unity in the Community, monkey pox

Got my Drobo today, yay! Now all i need are more drives, poo. Got two empty 500gb ones i popped in to get it set up, but i have way more than that i need to get on there. I also have a 1tb with my iTunes library on and photos backed up so i can't quite put it in there yet, so the plan is to get another 1tb drive, pop it in, move the stuff over, then put the full 1tb drive in. That way i can eventually upgrade the 500gb drives, probably 1tb to 2tb drives depending on cost when i get around to it. It's nice to not have to worry about maker or size really, main reason i got one as i have had no luck with traditional raids. :P Sadly getting new tech makes me want to keep getting new tech, lol. Retail therapy probably. Oh well.

Went to the Unity in the Community wednesday, it was interesting and kind of fun. My back decided to act up at one point, but not too bad. Something that bugged me to no end was the comments in the local paper, so many grumpy and angry people. I'd even wager racist and homophobic too, from what some said. Yeah, the town itself is pretty homogenous, but with the university i've met several interesting people from many different countries i didn't know went here. Some people just need to get out more i think, and maybe stop listening to FOX all the time. I got some pretty neat pictures, and put them up on my flickr, although i'll probably be putting some up on the River Falls Daily Photo blog i do. It did show me that i need a better all around lens though, one that can go from wide to more telephoto. I had a 28-90mm that i used, but at f5.6 or so it just couldn't do fast enough without a flash or too high an iso. (i could be totally wrong, and just not sure how, but i'm looking at a decent upgrade there, so shush) My best lenses are the macro ones, and i don't think people in situations like that want me that close to them, lol.

You're going to laugh. Last night i went to sleep. Woke up a few hours later feeling ill. Thought i was going to throw up, started panicking i had swine flu. Sigh. I know better, i know it's treatable. I know i don't have it. I haven't left the area in what feels like ages, much less Mexico. Sometimes my brain just doesn't work like i expect it to. Sigh...

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