Sunday, April 26, 2009

What do i get up to at night??

One of these days, i'm going to set up a video camera to record while i sleep. I often wake up really sore and tense like i've been in a marathon or something, but don't think i've been out of bed. I could be totally wrong though, when i was younger i used to sleep walk, a lot. At a hotel in Toronto when i was a young teen or so i (from what my mom told me) almost walked off a balcony several stories up and didn't even know where i was. She said she woke up feeling i was in trouble and checked on me, found me about to climb over the railing, and when she told me to come in i was just like "okay." and went right back into the bed. I don't think i've slept walk in years though, when i've been with someone they never mentioned that, only grinding my teeth and tossing and turning a lot. Speaking of tossing and turning, i woke up several times when i was younger literally bound in my sheets, unable to move, and upside down hanging off the foot of the bed. So yeah, it might be nice to know what i'm doing while i sleep.

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