Friday, May 01, 2009

Grumble bunny

Got a message from my parents yesterday that sounded pretty scary, about the health of my dad, so i talked to them and found he may have had a heart attack or something similar. He had chest pain, with pressure, but not the arm stuff and all that. A couple of years ago right around Christmas (like the day or two before) he had a "silent heart attack", which freaked me out. I love my parents, and don't want anything bad to happen to either of them. I guess that goes without saying, but even though we are kind of like apples and oranges politically and such, they are good and i worry about them. I know that since my dad is around 84 or so that health things will pop up more, but it's funny, he's probably in better health than me. Walks miles a day, golfs, is very active and even though he sometimes puts it off, he does go to the doctor regularly and isn't one to ignore things when they pop up. I'd almost expect me to have one before he does, too much sitting on my ass all day, but the back pain doesn't help there i guess. (viscous circle) Side note here, i really should get a new answering machine, that one is somewhere nearing a decade or so. Kind of a kick in the ass really, here everyone is talking swine flu, and this happens. Hmm... Speaking of swine flu, i'm torn. I've heard people before not understand that flu can kill you, saying "but it's just the flu" like it's nothing. Yes, you will most likely be fine, but you can't breathe with stuff in your lungs. Somewhere north of 30,000 people die by the normal flu every year, and what, we're in the double digits only (world wide) for swine flu? Another side note, i heard a high up in the pentagon say that 30,000 deaths in a conflict is when people start to turn against it, talking about Iraq and past conflicts. He said it didn't matter how many of the other side you kill, just that if 30,000 of yours die then people start to go against it. Weird eh? Personally i'm against war, but know we as a species are stupid and stubborn. Bunnies are stubborn, but only in the "i don't wanna go home, i wanna play" way. 

On a brighter note, i may have some pictures in the local paper, yay! I was taking those Unity in the Community photos and a lady came up to me and asked me if i was getting good ones. She asked if they could use them in the paper and i said if any turn out sure. Turns out she was like the head of the chamber of commerce and thought the pictures i sent were great. The paper only prints once a week, so since i think it was too late for this week, i won't see until next week. I kind of (really not so much as kind of but a lot) needed that, was kind of feeling my photography was sucking. It could be what i mostly photograph isn't what most people want, being bunnies, insects, and nature. 

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