Monday, December 21, 2009

Dream in IR?

Okay, that was weird. Besides all the other weirdness of my dreams last night, there was a part that is messing with my head. I know people hate it when people tell them about their dreams, but this will be short, or at least i'll try. For some reason, i ended up in helicopter with some people i was friends with a while ago and piloted by some movie star i forget. That's not the weird part. I had this pair of "sunglasses" that in essence made it so i could see like digital IR photography. I saw that part of the dream in IR. It was weird. Not black and white mind you, but the colors and tints like the IR photos i have taken. I was looking at barns, fields, etc.

I won't even get into the stranger parts of the dream.


eveelagenius said...

Consider yourself lucky? Some people don't even dream in color. :)

tfangel said...

I forget where i read it, probably in some book when i was studying psychology, but it said something to the effect of all people dream in color but those who believe they don't just don't remember it. Sort of like how dreams kind of fade anyway, it's just the colors that fade first for those people. I don't know if it's true or not, but it was interesting.

Side note, i used to be able to lucid dream all the time, but then a funny thing happened. I would realize i'm dreaming but then tell myself in the dream that "if it's a dream, how can i fly?" Sort of reverse of the logic of being able to in the first place. Guess my brain wants me to not lucid dream. ;)

eveelagenius said...

I seem to remember that now that you mention it. I dream in full sensory explosion. Always. If a sense is missing it is an integral part of the nightmare subplot.