Saturday, December 19, 2009

stupid computer

Grrr... pointless rant time.

Stupid desktop computer. Alienware, not sure age, about a year or two old, and it keeps (few minutes, constantly) putting the monitor to sleep. Driving me up the fucking wall. Looked around and found it's probably the battery on the motherboard, but oh look, the clips that are supposed to hold the battery in aren't there. So replacing it would be pointless, as it won't stay in. I just ended up taking it out, and it stopped for a day, but is now doing it again. /sigh Another possible cause could be low power service to the house, seems to not like it having a bigger drain with so much being used at once. Had to get my service upgraded in my house in laCrosse, but i'm not sure i can do it here, or how much it will cost. Shouldn't have that issue in the first place as this house was built around 1980 and the other one much, much earlier, but then it seems so many corners were cut in this house it's not even funny.

Nothing like not being able to sleep, spending a friday night cleaning a bathroom, fighting with a computer, and generally being tired with everything. :P

I would really, really like for something to go right soon.

... and is it really christmas next week???

Where did this year go?

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