Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movie Night - March 27th, 2010

Another movie night, four movies again this time for us who lasted. Those who missed the last, wow did you miss out. ;)

First up, Death Race (2008 version):
   Lots of explosions and it reminded me of the early 80s game Car Wars. Turn off your brain, go with it, and watch lots of violence and explosions. ;)

Next was Surrogates:
   Better than i thought, i'll have to go listen to the VFX Podcast to see if i was right about them using the same system (i recall it being called Ruby, but i'm spacing right now) they used in X-Men 3 to make certain characters younger to make the surrogates look synthetic. (Side note, that system is used more subtly in regular movies to make actors and actresses look younger, but you will never know which ones because those who work on it sign very strict NDAs, good times)

Then Franklyn:
   Neat movie, i liked it, but it was much less "action" than i expected. It also went ways i didn't see coming, which was good, and the design is wonderful. May end up getting this one, especially if there are decent extras.

Lastly after most have left Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl:
   O...M...G... Balls to the wall batshit insane! In the best ways possible. This was SO un-PC, just an fyi, so if that bugs you, you might not be able to shut off your brain and enjoy this. I'm so buying this one too when i can. Those who missed it, i feel you may have to watch it, The trailer isn't even a fraction of the craziness in the movie, the scene where she is dancing in the 'blood rain' was awesome (watch for blood coming from all sides of the screen, heh). The music was bizarre and fun too. Still hearing it in my head. ;)


eveelagenius said...

Alright I have to get going earlier in the week and make sure movie night is happening. Also need to work my brain around being social, it's been difficult lately.

I've seen Deathrace and Surrogates. Enjoyed them both.

tfangel said...

From what i gather, it happens every saturday at 6pm, even if it's just Jeremy (and me usually at the end).

Seems like we start out normal and sane, and the movies get weirder as the night goes on. ;)