Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kitty Bunny in a box

While cleaning the kitchen area, and emptying all the stuff out of this box, Kitty decided to run in there, and relax. She loves boxes, not as much as Maru the Cat, but she loves these. They all seem to love things that have only one way out, with a cover on top, probably a prey instinct. Keeps them safer feeling. Whatever the reason, it's adorable, and i had to grab the camera.

One thing you may be able to see, is her skin condition. She's flaking like crazy, has been since last year, and her fur is not growing back there as fast. It's almost like dandruff, but where it's the heaviest it forms an almost crusty area, and it seems to itch for her too. When i take her to my vet, who is very well versed in rabbits as house pets, not as farm animals, she can't seem to find out what is causing it. No bugs, mites, or anything like that. I've looked online, and nothing that seems close fits, as her blood is always fine. I've thought about giving her a bath, but the vet and people online say it is a huge stress for bunns, and if she is unwell, it can push them over the edge. Plus they really, really hate being wet, and can get too cold if wet too long. She otherwise seems fine, so maybe i'll just have to keep grooming her and spoiling her until we can figure out what will help.

Feisty silly bunn. :)

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