Thursday, November 11, 2010


So i noticed a huge spike of views on my flickr, something that really only happens when i upload new things, and usually only when it's of cute girls. On the stats page, i see this:
Click to embiggen. 

I go look and see what is up with that, as it's a little weird that so many seem like radio stations. Turns out there is some thing they all have up that shows a collection of body painted women, painted as sports teams and what not. They all show the same people, and when clicked on they get sent to the flickr. 

This is the one image they linked to and has been getting a lot of views:
From the Painted Muse set.

I'm guessing this got linked because i recently switched the usage on my photos so one of the bands i took photos of could grab them to use. I guess it's "welcome to the internet" for me, heh. 

One of the funnier aspects of this is that my 'all time' views are pretty amusing to me:
Pretty girl, pretty girl, Juusto snacks (??), pretty girl, pretty girl, holga cap (??)

That shot of the Juusto Snacks gets a lot of searches from google, no doubt because they are so yummy. The holga cap though, that gets hit from all over, hopefully more people get sent to, as that's who made it. That gas mask shot though, it's been rocketing up the ranks, and six favorites so far, and the top 11 most favorited of mine are of her in the mask. 

So yeah, not a real point to this, just something to distract me from cleaning for a bit and felt like sharing. 

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