Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Night - November 13, 2010

Movie night and was also Sebastian's birthday, so mostly his choice. Also very random. ;)

DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam
   That is some title! Heh. It was pretty good, but a bit confused that it was so short and that it had the other shorts from DC Showcase with it, and priced the way it was. Still, loved it, an actual origin story i liked (they didn't drag it out ages) and he didn't do the "but i don't want these powers" bit.

Laaaame... All clips of this are "Embedding disabled by request". So here is a link to one clip.

The Flash Pilot
   Well... that didn't age well... We didn't even finish it actually, we all got bored. Not a good sign.

Birds of Prey Pilot
   Much better, although so odd how they change characters for the tv from the comics.

   I'm not as much a fan of this as most people it seems, way, way too long getting to know annoying characters, monster macguffin, then the peek a boo monster near the end (i mean really? No one saw this huge monster coming in the quiet field? really?), shaky cam, lets sacrifice everyone for a half dead jerk, etc. While the effects were awesome, the idea of huge monster on the rampage, it winning, no real answer, all that, which would pretty much be what it would be like too. Although i thought the Gamera one from a while back did it better while actually having more a story than "lets escape, no i need to get my ex, now lets run, and scene". Sorry, i'm feeling snarky, heh. Also of note, the Rifftrax makes this movie a whole lot more enjoyable. ;) Speaking of Rifftrax, the Troll 2 one, is awesome, unlike the original movie. ;)

Invader Zim The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot and The Nightmare Begins
   How can you not know Invader Zim, or not love it? ;) It's awesome.

How Not to Live Your Life Don's New Job and Don's Angry Girlfriend
   New season, first two episodes. So glad they are all back. :)

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