Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movie Night - March 26th, 2011

Batman the Brave and the Bold: Battle of the Superheroes
    I love this show so much, a lovely throwback to the old batman show and silver age comics. Also, Superman being a dick.

Wolverine (anime version)
   Interesting seeing how Japan interprets the character, and pretty impressive that he actually uses the claws for what you'd expect, bloody death. Also had a good deal of decent things from the comics (A.I.M., Madripoor, etc.) Not as bad as i was expecting, curious how it goes, and also curious about the X-Men anime that is coming soon.

Kore wa zombie desu ka? Episode 10
   What is with the trend of Japanese things to get all serious after a while? Even goofy shows like this, not that i'm complaining a lot, but it confuses me.

Gokusen Episode 1
   Fun! A teacher, who comes from a Yakuza background, takes on a class of delinquents. Definitely want to see the rest of this one.

Maid in Akihabara Episode 1
   That was... something. Short, and pretty bad production values, and confusing as hell. Although it did help us understand the last movie of the night.

Hard Revenge Milly
   Someone aired their demo reel? Short, but felt much longer, much, much longer. So little happening, although the bit at the end where she opens her jacket, that was amusing. If the rest of the movie would have been like that, might have been more worth watching. Still can't believe there is a sequel.

In this trailer, you get the whole story, and most of the action. I wish i was kidding.

How to Date an Otaku Girl
    Not sure why it's named differently on imdb, or why it's rated low. I loved it, even if it did get more serious and down near the end. Watch after the credits too, they must have known what we were thinking. ;)

Couldn't find a trailer, but here is a clip


Autumn said...

The movie, "How to Date an Otaku Girl", looks good. I'm going to see if Netflix has it. The other one I peeked at at too much violence in it. I'm not big on too much violence and graphic violence.

Autumn said...

Oh well. Netflix doesn't have it.

tfangel said...

It was a bit a random discovery, found at:

It was good too, hopefully it makes its way over here soon.

tfangel said...

I did find a spot to watch it online, broken into parts though:

A Hermit said...

I keep meaning to watch Korean Zombie Desk Car.
Unrelated, but your Flickr photostream has some fanstastic bird photographs, I just saved some.

tfangel said...

Thanks, i spend a lot of time near the window the birds go near, so it's just tempting to take their photos so much. ;)

doomsday said...

some interesting ones