Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles.

Temporally skipping a couple i've eaten between this and the last one, mostly because it's just so damn good. So i bring you.... Myojo Ippeichan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles. (dramatic eh?)

Printed on a plastic wrapper, but thankfully instructions also on the lid.

So many packets, wow...

Put in dried veggies and boiling water, wait, then drain out the water through this handy drain that is actually quite sturdy. 

Put in powder stuff, liquid sauce, and drizzle the mustard mayo on the top. 

I was a bit worried about the mayo, and it being too strong or "odd", but it was perfect really, added just enough extra. The funny thing is, all i can ever think when i hear "mustard mayo" or similar is the video below. I do have to say though, this is one of my absolute faves, and it doesn't look like it in the photos, but it's substantial and filling in addition to be tasty. 

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