Sunday, March 20, 2011

Movie Night - March 19th, 2011

Movie night for March 19th, as the title says. Although more a tv and anime night.

Glee: Original Song
   Original song episode (duh) of Glee.

iCarly: iPity the Nevel
   The vampire spoof was pretty funny, and spot on.

Gosick: The Dark Reaper finds the Golden Fairy
   Started it, wasn't what we were in the mood for, even though it was pretty, just didn't grab us.

Practical Magic
   Weird seeing them younger without plastic surgery, and boy do i want that house, to say the least.

HighSchool of the Dead: episode 5-12
   So much fan service in the first part of this, so, so much. Thankfully tapers off nearer the end, but so heavy and overboard for a good while there. Looks like the series is coming to bluray and dvd in the states in June 28th, and an OVA is coming in april.

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