Sunday, December 07, 2008

How to start?

Something i've been doing is looking at Model Mayhem and One Model Place to see what kind of talent is out there for doing modeling for me and what kind of rates they want. Something annoying with the sites it seems is that you kind of need to have several pictures of people to get a profile. I understand they don't want stalkers or pervs or anything like that, it's just making me wonder where to get started. Don't get me wrong, i'm not looking for nude models or anything like that, i'd be nervous enough now with dressed people, just people to get more experience in photographing and lighting people. Most of the books and such say to practice on a significant other, which i am lacking. The bunnies don't really work, they love to play chase when they see the camera and are much smaller than people. ;) Hence the practice on the mannequin torso i have. Maybe i'll just have to stick to bugs, nature and stuff like that, at least until i find a significant other. I have no idea. One thing i like about Model Mayhem is that the models are my my sensibility, goths, punks, that sort of thing. More normal ones are there too, but where's the fun in that. ;) I also don't really have a studio space, right now i just use what room i need for whatever i'm shooting, or just outside. I've thought about converting my garage into a studio, and building on to make a new garage, or having a room built above the garage, i have no idea. That would give a nice room that could be used for that though. Not sure if i could though with codes and whatnot. Ideally in my dreams i would have a barn or some kind of out building i could use if i finished it, plenty of room and big and open. That rules out city living heh. Pie in the sky there too though. There was a house for sale down in LaCrosse when i was looking that had a barn converted into a year round basketball court, it was pretty awesome, but not in the location i really wanted. Something like that. I get the feeling models don't want to go to photographers homes, even when i would be the most professional at all times. Hmm... going to have to think about this it seems. 

On another subject, it's snowing, again. Ugh. Supposed to snow through tuesday too. Looks like this winter is going to be cold and full of snow. Today is 10F (-12C) with what seems to be a half a foot at least of snow on the ground and plenty of more to come. Thankfully i got The Greenskeepers  (funny how they do snow too, lol) to come and clear the mounds of snow keeping my car from escaping. I would do this myself, but one year i hit an ice mound, and it cut clean into my oil pan. Killed my poor VW Bug. All from the snow plow blocking me in and making it impossible to get clear. They come with a cute little plow thing (i call it Mister Plow) and do it lickity split, and they do a much better job than i seem to be able to do. Now if i can just clean out the garage.

I just have to point out how i had dreams last night that were all about most of the people in the world dyeing off, thanks movie night. ;) I also keep stupidly having these dreams about a certain someone having faked their own death, and finding out in a very painful way. Yeah, not so fun. 

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