Saturday, December 13, 2008

Woke up to God and found Venus De Milo

This day is dragging on like crazy. Feels like someone has taken time and stretched it out to twice what it normally is. Feels like days ago i woke up and did all that wake up stuff. Ugh... sort of like driving to Rochester, if you've ever driven that interstate stretch from LaCrosse to Rochester. Molly and i had always felt that it messes with time, it's not a long drive but it felt much, much longer. Perception and time are two odd creatures though, so who knows. Not me that's for sure. 

Stupid me again, went and ordered the wrong size IR filter. D'oh! My dyscalculia has a bad tendency to mess with how i see and remember numbers. You have no idea how bad phone numbers or such are for me to remember. Ugh. (since i'm on the subject, i also have been diagnosed with dysgraphia, which caused a huge amount of problems in school, oddly printing is what fixed that, if i try to write cursive, it's a lost cause) I'm pretty good with the ideas in math, just not the actual multiplication, division, addition or subtraction. Did pretty well in advanced math, but they let me use either a multiplication table or slide rule (funny fact, besides the teacher, i was the only one in the school who could use a slide rule, wish i could find my old one, probably at my parents house) Anyway, the IR filter, got a 55mm instead of a 58mm, but the 58 i ordered should be here sometime. None of my lenses are 55mm by the way. Grr... Thankfully i only paid about twenty bucks for it, so if i ever do get a 55mm one, it can pop on there. 

Speaking of photography, i'm still kind of in a funk with that. Probably because i have a tendency to look at people who have been doing it for almost as long as i've been alive, and saying then that i'm crap. Yeah, that probably doesn't help. These people get paid tons to do a simple shoot too, where i have yet to be paid for it, although i can say some of my photos have been published (thanks to Julia who put a couple photos of my bunnies i had taken and put in that Hesy magazine. I know, it's not actually "published", but it made me happy seeing them there for the world (or Finland) to see.) I keep thinking i need to practice more on people, but as was pointed out to me, "come down in my basement so i can photograph you" sounds pretty creepy. Although that is where i have the most open space and don't have a studio, it's like i'm a serial killer or something. Also being winter it's kind of hard to get any good outside shots with natural light as it's been fricking cold (around 10F, although today seems warm, 35F or so, with a blizzard on it's way. Yay) it's hard to want to spend much time out there. Maybe i'll just get it so i can nail the studio lighting on models (my anime figures) and such, and once i have no doubts about it then i can move on to people. Seems like the going rate is not to unreasonable if i can find someone who isn't creeped out by a shoot in my house, and basement no less. The more i think about it, the more i need to figure out what to do to make a good studio space. I can never have enough rooms it seems. ;)

Now i'm just waiting until it's closer to movie night time, which hopefully is on, otherwise this day may never end. 

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