Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh look, can't sleep...

Since i am slightly tired, but got a bit of insomnia coming on, i thought i would write a bit here to hopefully get my brain to shut up. I'll try to be more chipper than the last one.

So my dad had been in the hospital again last week. He called and i told me he had another stent (stint? whatever those expandable things that go in the arteries to open them up are) put in after feeling like he was having another heart attack. After the big one, i now panic when even the little things happen. He says he checked out fine with the doctor and got out the next day, but i worry. He's getting older, and with everything that is happening with damn near everyone i know, i know it's inevitable but don't want it to happen. I know it's cheesy, but i'm going to quote Star Trek here: "Time is the fire in which we burn." (yeah, yeah, i know that they got it from Delmore Schwartz, but i'm a nerd, and saying it's a Star Trek quote seems to fit better, and i need to laugh) So yeah, i can't avoid it, but i don't have to like it.

While i'm worried about Zack still, as he's not doing that great, i love the rest of the bunnies. They are being awesome and silly. Kitty's worried too, but it's adorable seeing her take care of him, groom him, watch over him, all that. Someday, i hope to have that. I'm not holding my breath, but it sure does look like true love. True love is rare, heck even normal love is rare enough, while hate is common and frequent. (is that repetitive or repetitive? heh) We should grab it and hold on to it when we find it, but that could just be me and my issues. But i think without the stalky-stalky.

Oh look, i'm rambling again, heh.

Something that hit me today while updating, organizing, and sorting my digital photo libraries is that i just can't wait until spring. I keep thinking about going and photographing things, but the snow isn't the most interesting thing, and when i've gone out looking for birds or other wildlife all i can find are cows. I don't know enough people in the area who want to be photographed, much less in the snow, so that limits it a bit. I was looking through my macro photos, of butterflies and flowers, and just want to go find bugs and such. They don't like the winter, so unless i can sneak onto Neil Gaiman's land and photo his bees, i don't have any idea where to find any. I've got a couple flies here, i haven't seen any spiders lately either, which is sad making. I guess i should count my blessings, it's not below zero lately, and been actually pretty nice. I just want spring here now. Now! Spring! Now! (did that work? damn)

Okay, starting to get sleepier now. Hopefully i can fall asleep and have less weird dreams that i have been lately. At least they haven't been bad, just weird. Like last night, where Hugh Jackman was telling some punk band that being musicians wasn't hard, being and actor was (while he had cardboard wolverine claws on), chasing someone on a jet ski, and i was dating a girl named Strawberry. Yeah, i have NO idea where any of that came from, and that's just what i remember.

Let's see what tonight holds. ;)

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