Thursday, February 25, 2010

I miss him being this happy.

I miss him being this happy.


Battlescars said...

It's cute how he licked up his little bunny snots after he sneezed on How is he doing? I really hope he is not suffering in any way. That would just break my heart. He is sooo precious.

tfangel said...

He's just "doing". He eats at times, drinks at times, but doesn't seem himself anymore. Seems afraid of everything but Kitty bunny, and the vet said being a prey animal, they get very afraid when sick or not healthy because it makes them feel vulnerable.

I've been getting the rest of them in for good checkups, but after the next i'm taking him back to see how he's progressing.

Still not sure how Kitty has dandruff. That's just weird. No mites, but she said it could be dry skin or something, going to keep an eye on that too. She gained a pound though! She used to be so little, heh.