Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just for Men

Grrr... I really, really hate these commercials. I'm sure women hate some with as much passion as i do the ones for this product. I'd link to some, but i couldn't find any good ones, so just click the headline and it will take you to a search on youtube of them. 

What i hate the most, the "OMG! You have grey hair! Dye it or you are a huge loser and everyone will run away from you and laugh in your direction!" I really hate the 'miss hottie' ones. Ugh. Beyond painful. 

If you can't tell, my hair is pretty damn grey (if not white in big areas), and has been going that way since i was around 20 or so. I've always wanted white hair, not sure why, but as long as i can remember i've wanted it. Which is funny, because i was blond until around 5 or so, then it got darker, to black, then the white hairs started showing up. Heck, if i was to go pure white, i'd be even happier. 

I don't have a problem with anyone dying their hair whatever color if it makes them happy, i've had blue, purple, red, and pretty much every color that exists. It's fun, easy, and nice to look however you want. One thing that bugs me is that the people in those commercials look older to me after they dye it, like you can tell more that their face is aged, but looks "wrong". I won't even get into how they make it seem like grey hair = no job, girlfriend, life, whatever. (i'm going to ignore the jokes about how that kind of fits me a bit, heh)

Eh, it's probably similar to what women go through, Target Women does a pretty good job at describing it. 

I guess guys just want sex, and hot women are attracted to these things. ;)


Battlescars said...

lol... that last line cracks me up. Ugh... and I HATE Axe with a passion.

tfangel said...

Did you watch the youtube? It's priceless, and that's where i got it from, sort of. ;)

Battlescars said...

Yeah... that last thing she said almost made Dr. Pepper come out my I just don't get it though. Why anyone would want someone just to buy them things... All I've ever wanted is someone who is nice to me that will put up with my slight obsession with Doctor Who. Poor Matt... always making him wear his glasses & tell me I'm brilliant while we have j/k sooo kidding... maybe ;)

Lisa said...

Yes Battlescars, Axe is disgusting. It just reeks of prepubescence, and guys seem to think it's the be all and end all until their about 25.

And as far as grey hair... I don't know if I'm considered a "hott" woman, but I am a woman, and I can honestly say that I think the "salt and pepper" hair look is actually really attractive. Think Clooney before he started dyeing it. I think he looked sexier. Most guys with that look are a little too old for me, since I'm pretty young, but one of my boyfriend's best friends, at 28 years old, has a pretty substantial amount of grey hair mixed in to his fairly dark hair, and I think he looks great.

So, I guess my point is, commercials are just marketing. Aimed at hitting a sensitive spot in the desired demographic. It's a little naive to assume that their marketing scheme reflects actual public opinion ;)

PS. Tfangel, when will we see your lovely rabbits? And how is Zack doing?

tfangel said...

I was a little slow when i replied to you, never comment while falling asleep. ;)

I've had ones who just wanted 'stuff' from me, but more often it's just a way i can show my affection. Not something i mind doing, but the portrayal of only after you for using their product is pretty amusing. ;)

tfangel said...

I tend to put up pictures of the bunnies on my flickr mostly, and use this as talking about things. I take way more pictures of them than people would stand me posting though. ;)

Zacks been going to the vet twice a week for fluid injections, to help him be more comfortable, but he's lost a half a pound in two weeks. At four pounds currently, that's not good. She said he's not in any pain, just not getting the nutrients he needs, and will eventually end up not waking up one day. He's awesome, but not doing so hot. It's more a waiting game right now.

eveelagenius said...

uh oh... I use axe deodorant...What does this mean for me?!

tfangel said...

I'd say it's okay for you, you're not the annoying target demographic. ;)

I've never smelled it, but their commercials turn me off so much i just ignore it in the store.