Sunday, March 07, 2010

Some people

I've debated sharing this, but i'm still pretty flabbergasted at the people there that i feel i need to get it out.

Before movie night i stopped at a local gas station to pick up drinks and some snacks, as usual. It was pretty empty, but there were the workers and a couple of people hanging out. I took a while to decide on what to get, and as they weren't talking with inside voices, i overheard their conversation. The subject of their conversation was about a picture of girl in the obituary section of the local paper. They even got out a paper and passed it around. While i was at first worried it was going to go in the direction of the guys who dug up a body to have sex with, and i'm not exactly sure it didn't after that, it was pretty crass.

She apparently hung herself, and they were going on about "how much a slut she must have been" because "she wore too much makeup" and kept "forgetting her id and credit cards" there. Needless to say, i'm a bit touchy when it comes to suicide, and people who judge or make fun of people like they were. Obviously, if a 20 year old decides to do that, they have things that are pretty serious going on. I wanted to smack these people.

I do get the whole thing about how people distance themselves from others, and would have probably not been saying or doing these things if they knew the person (i don't by the way), but whatever happened to not behaving like a caveman?

Same thing that has been bugging me with people who judge too quickly without knowing facts. Not to mention people who should be smarter, like with addictions being in the genes, not a character fault. No, i rarely drink (like a couple of times a year basically) and i don't do drugs. I've just known many who have, done my research, and understand that what we live through and where we come from can really form us.

*sigh*, so yeah, people pissing me off again. No surprise there.

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Lisa said...

I agree. Ignorant people suck. It's a wonder how some people can be so cruel and insensitive, and seemingly lack any kind of sympathy whatsoever for those who suffer. I have to believe that it is some kind of defense mechanism for some sort of insecurity, whether conscious or subconscious, but it's very possible this is just what I tell myself to keep from being so disgusted I throw up on them. Either way, there are plenty of assholes in the world. Try not to let it drive you crazy, because there's nothing you can do about it.

TFangel, I don't know how I have missed your blog for so long!! I always see your comments on other sites, but I guess I just assumed I was already following your blog. You best believe I will be checking in, as I've always noted your insightful comments!