Thursday, March 11, 2010


Just because, here is Zack in his carrier at the vet tuesday. He looks better than he feels. He's really skinny, but active. He doesn't like going there, or going in the carrier, but it seems to be helping him feel better with the fluid injections. So hard to see him sad and not healthy. He's such an awesome bunn.


Lisa said...

Poor Zack. Nobunny likes to be in a carrier, or to go to the vet, especially that frequently. It sounds like you might be suffering more than he is out, purely out of sympathy.

Hang in there, Zack.

PS. Can't access your Flickr, for some reason :-/

tfangel said...

Weird, i don't know what is wrong with it.

My whole photostream is:

I also put the bunny pictures into their own set:

Since i just like to show them off, here is my picasa album of the bunnies i used more before flickr.:

I like taking pictures of them if you can't tell. ;)

Battlescars said...

<3 Sooo precious! <3