Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wow, i haven't played in a while

For some reason, i decided to play some World of Warcraft last night. I don't know why, but i haven't played since sometime last year, although this happens to me, i play a lot, then get a burned out feeling or have a bad experience with someone that makes it less fun for me. I've played some DDO, Star Trek Online, and such, but most of my WoW play has been only about a couple of minutes then feeling apathetic and logging out.

I won't go into how embarrassing it was for me in Alterac Valley that first time back, "oops, all my addons are at default and are blocking my view or set up wrong." All my macros were borked, i forgot where keys were bound, yeah, good times. ;) Also, as crap as i thought my gear was before, well it's worse now, good times. ;) (and i just discovered that all my spell ranks on the action bars were off by several levels, oops, probably because i am using a different laptop, ugh)

So yeah, i basically just noticed this thing in the armory that allows you put it in a webpage. D'oh!  >_<;

Yep, alt-a-holic here, and i do love the night elves, even though they dance like strippers. ;) I think part of it is that the ears remind me of bunnies, heh. Sad to say i'll probably make a night elf mage when i can. ;)
Thrilling post eh? ;)

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Battlescars said...

I have the same on again-off again relationship. Currently we're off.