Saturday, March 06, 2010

Movie Night - March 6th, 2010

 I decided that to help my memory, i'm going to talk a little about the movies we watch on Movie Night at a local friends house. There were movies we started, but just didn't 'flow' with what we watched before so we moved on. These are the ones that we watched the whole thing of. Not full reviews mind you, just summing up the thing.

First up, Two Faces of My Girlfriend.
I loved this. It starts out all wacky and zany, then takes a turn that gets pretty sad part way through. Hope that's not a spoiler, but really, with a girl who has multiple personalities, you should sort of expect it. I also want to say Jeong Ryeo-Won, who plays Ani and others, is absolutely adorable and excellent at giving each "character" their own personality. 

(I couldn't find a subtitled trailer, so here is one i did find.)

Next up was Table for Three.
Mary and Ryan were a hoot. I enjoyed this movie, but those two made it. The whole cast was good, but the chemistry and craziness of those two just put it over the edge. They owned the screen when they were on. 

Last movie was Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity.
Sandra Oh is awesome as usual, slower movie, but very nice. The little girl was great too. More a family drama, multiple families really, then the previous two, but still good. 

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